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Intorre’s extra virgin olive oil is produced by certified organic olives harvested in October through mechanical processes from olive varieties of Biancolilla, Moresca and Nocellara del Belice. The Biancolilla is one of the oldest plants in Sicily, located mostly in the west.

What gives this plant character is its productivity, hardiness and its resistance to dry temperature. It is a very strong plant with expanded foliage and leaves that are narrow and pointed at the ends.The olives are elliptical in shape and have a clear color even after maturation.

The oil yielded from it is very balanced, fairly smooth, with a very light green color immediately after milling, it will then turn yellow after a couple of months left to decant.

The Moresca is a strong plant bearing expanded and pendulous branches. It’s a secular tree present mainly in Agrigento. The leaves are large and wide and the olives are elliptical shaped. The Nocellara del Belice like the Moresca is a secular plant and was traded in the ancient Hellenic world since 500 BC.

Evidence of olive processing has been found in archaeological excavations in the Valley of Belice. The olives of this plant are very large and fleshy which is the reason why the oil made from it is one of the best ever.

Its color is green in its intensity with reflections of yellow and its aroma is intense. It can be consumed both raw and cooked. In raw form it’s delicious in sauces, salads and vegetable soups. Cooked, it’s also wonderful in sauces, over roast meat, fish and fried foods.



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