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Intorre's farm is placed in the heart of the history and tradition of the Sicilian countrysides.

Along a sulphurous plateau where Favarotta’s district was born, grandfather Calogero has increased planting of olive trees in a period in which the organic dream seemed very far away. Today, that memory has become a small step for a very organic future.

In the middle of this plateau in the valley of the river Salso to 316 meters above sea level, stands Campobello di Licata city which lies in south-central Sicily at 25 km from the coast of the Strait of Sicily and 50 km east of the Valley of Temples in Agrigento.




Intorre's farm
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Registered Office: 24 Independence Way, 92023 Campobello di Licata (AG)
Italy Sales Office: C.da Favarotta, SS 123
Business Manager tel: +39 339 44 46 881
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